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Don't stress about fitting training into your schedule.  Instead, complete your annual training hours with us!  Child Care Options offers an array of early childhood and school-age trainings face to face, online and even by mail.

Child care providers have one of the most important jobs - the care and education of children during the most crucial early learning and school-age years.  Child Care Options strives to provide trainings that cover critical issues and provide relevant information.  Through training activities, providers gain practical application and knowledge of the material, which we hope will inspire improvement in overall practice.

Courses vary in level of difficulty and number of training hours, and are priced accordingly.


New Training!

How to Work with Families Affected by Addiction

Understanding the basics of addiction, how abuse and dependency problems develop and what treatment options are available to the addict and the family will help any professional increase their success when working with families to make lasting change. In this workshop participants will address their own biases about substance abuse issues, develop useful professional skills to address a substance use problem directly and gather information about sobriety and the relapse process. Participants will also be provided relevant, local resources to use in the field to help individuals reduce the impact substance use may have on their own lives or the lives of others. Click Here for the registration form!



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